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About us


LOGI  Limited Company 

LOGI Co., Ltd started up in 2007. LOGI is defined by the outstanding consumer goods distribution and the wholesale trade that we have built for over 10 years in domestic and 4 years worldwide.

Our professional staff and robust systems are committed to providing completely customer satisfaction by our knowledge, our honesty and by offering to quality products at a fair price and high level of service.

Our field of operations covers the entire world, where we trade the branded consumer goods. LOGI is specialized in distribution of products manufactured by Unilever, Proter & Gramble and others well-know multi-national

By having knowledgeable and experienced of international branded products, we can offer our clients extremely favorable terms on a host of well-know products

For many years, we have built the extremely goods relationship with buyers and manufacturers. Thanks to this we are creating a worldwide distribution of branded products

We have an enormous expertise when it comes to customer relations, knowledge, experience, which we used to build up long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Our client base consisted in general of retail chains, buying group, wholesalers and distributors all over the world. Our head office is strategically located in Ho Chi Minh City


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